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Texas A&M University at Qatar Tackles Sustainability in Chemical Industry

Leading from the front, Texas A&M University at Qatar hosted an international conference about sustainability in chemical processes and production. The goal of the conference was to find innovative solutions to providing energy efficiency and less toxic solvents, limited byproducts and waste products during chemical processes. The co-chairman of the conference, Dr. Economou, outlined the challenges facing 21st century chemical companies and the environment. Sustainability is increasingly being perceived as a strategic priority with chemical companies and the communities they serve. The pre-stated goals of the conference were to share ideas, build bridges between key players in the petrochemical industry, and seek out state-of-the-art solutions for chemical engineering processes in Qatar and worldwide.

World-Renowned Keynote Speakers Share Insights at Conference

Among the many speakers in attendance were Texas A&M at Qatar Associate Dean Masad, Professor Wasserscheid from Germany’s Friedrich-Alexander University, along with 15 other celebrated speakers from across Europe, Qatar and the U.S. This is the 7th such conference sponsored by QAFCO, the Qatar Fertilizer Company. The Associate Dean of Texas A&M at Qatar, Dean Masad went to great lengths to applaud the collaboration between the academic world and the petrochemical industry in search of new solutions to sustainability-related issues. The conference facilitated robust debate and brainstorming sessions in the hopes of seeking out innovative ways of creating green energy. Broad consensus now exists in the petrochemical industry that sustainability is an integral component of decision making, strategic success and corporate social responsibility.

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  1. Hankine Rute says:

    They will meet, they will talk, but let’s face it chemical companies are responsible for some many different incidents where nature was polluted.

  2. Zorica Mladenovic says:

    I hope they will find solutions to provide energy efficiency during chemical processes. The article is great

  3. Anoopgopal MS says:

    team…….meat again and find a proper solution for our wolid