Sustainability Initiatives Set to Expand with TfS and EcoVadis Partnership
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Sustainability Initiatives Set to Expand with TfS and EcoVadis Partnership

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TfS and EcoVadis renew partnership for Sustainability in Chemical Industry Supply Chain

The world’s premier provider of improvement tools for supply chains and sustainability performance ratings – EcoVadis – has partnered up with Together for Sustainability (TfS) from the chemical industry to advance the practice of sustainable supply chain management in the industry. In the 4 years since inception, membership of Together for Sustainability (TfS) has doubled, and additional members from the US, European countries and others have now been added to bolster the original team of 6 founding members. The objective of TfS is to audit the supply chain in the chemical industry, and to share their findings with members.

Global Teams Cooperating For Enhancement of Supply Chains

The control process is mutually beneficial to individual customers and suppliers alike. TfS collaborates with suppliers and customers to facilitate easier communication, and collaboration between both sides. Results are shared between members of Together for Sustainability, and improvement measures can be adopted through synergistic collaboration. All assessments are undertaken by EcoVadis, with an impressive range of some 7,800 suppliers cooperating with the program. The entire assessment program conducted by TfS is validated by a CSR rating service, which in turn is supported by a worldwide team of 250 professionals. These experts are skilled in performance enhancement measures for suppliers in some 110 countries.

Chemical Industry Procurement Officers On Board

The Sustainable Supply Chain has become one of the most important issues in the chemical industry. Procurement officers from chemical companies are placing significantly more emphasis on managing their suppliers efficiently, and according to sustainable standards. Presently, some 16 companies have partnered with TfS AISBL (a collaborative initiative), and growth is projected to increase rapidly.

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