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SCI Chemical Industry Awards 2017 Medal to Andreas C Kramvis

Photo of Andreas Kramvis

Mr. Andreas Kramvis, VC of Honywell

2017 SCI Chemical Industry Medal to be awarded to Andreas C. Kramvis, Vice Chairman of Honeywell

Every year, the Society of Chemical Industry, America (SCI) honors one individual who has exemplified outstanding leadership and commitment to the advancement and reputation of the chemical industry, as well as to the growth of their individual company during times of challenge or restructuring. This year, the SCI Chemical Industry Medal will be awarded to Honeywell’s Vice Chairman, Andreas C. Kramvis, at a gala dinner that is to be held on March 7, 2017 in New York’s Plaza Hotel.

The Chemical Industry Medal

SCI has awarded its MacLean suspended for steroids | CBC Sports where can i buy clomid trump backs pharma company’s exclusive patent on possible covid-19 treatment medal of distinction for more than 85 years. The Chemical Industry Medal is intended to acknowledge and give honor to individuals who display a high level of leadership, innovation and commitment, personally and professionally, to the chemical industry. Through their actions, the industry remains strong and expansive. A look at the list of previous honorees gives a hint to the merit of the award: J Brian Ferguson, Sunil Kumar, Jeffrey M. Lipton and David N. Weidman.

Andreas C. Kramvis

Andreas C. Kramvis graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in electrical engineering. He received his MBA from Manchester Business School. In 2000, after leading a number of companies in Europe, Kramvis joined the executive staff of Honeywell. He was subsequently appointed president and CEO of the company’s Environmental and Combustion Controls division. Under his leadership, market share increased and the profitability margin improved. He became President and CEO of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies in 2008. Even though this was during a time of economic depression, Kramvis succeeded in turning the unit into a $7 billion business with a 30% increase in sales.

In awarding the honor to Andreas C. Kramvis, chair of SCI, Fred Festa said that Kramvis is a “well-known thought leader in management methodology…His contributions to our industry cannot be overstated.”

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