Alternatives to Hydroprocessing of Petroleum Fractions
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Researchers have toiled long and hard to find cheaper alternative processes for upgrading petroleum than conventional hydroprocessing. The conventional upgrading technologies that are available today are driven by hydrogen and energy-intensive chemistries. One possibility that is gaining traction with the chemical industry is an oxidation pathway commonly known as oxydesulfurization or ODS. Chemical Upgrading

US patent office data indicates that many of the major oil giants and chemical industry companies have been toiling away to find this elixir. The manner in which oxydesulfurization works is different to any conventional methodology. But it requires the right balance of catalytic chemistry, and it needs to be economically feasible.

Among others, the following features must be met in order for this technology to succeed in the petrochemical industry:

• The production of oxidants utilizing air are the preferred options as an effective oxidant
• Superior kinetics are required in order to reduce expenses and processing times
• The heteroatom needs to be cleaved from the hydrocarbon for maximization of efficiency, density and product integrity
• ODS must be created to oxidize only with heteroatoms, and not benzylic groups or unsaturated molecules

A winning solution for the oil industry

All in all, the process has taken approximately 6 years to develop and Canadian bitumen was used as a feed. Advancements have taken place over time and this oxydesulfurization process has become economically friable. It is now a cost-effective oxidant and it uses air. It’s biggest strength as an innovative technology is that it removes sulphur from big hydrocarbon molecules, and this makes it an important component in the oil industry, vis-a-vis sulphur removal. This new technology will dramatically lower the

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