Yara International
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November 19, 2015

Yara International

Yara International, is one of the largest producers of nitrates, ammonia and NPKs in the world, placing it firmly in the class of international agrichemicals giants such as CF Industries, TogliattiAzot and BASF SE.


Yara International was established in 1905 under the name Norsk Hydro in response to a famine spreading across Europe. Founders Marcus Wallenberg, Sam Eyde and Kristian Birkeland began producing Yara’s first product—mineral fertilizer, which quickly caught the attention of the international agricultural community as the fertilizer greatly increased yields. Operations began with a large-scale fertilizer and ammonia production facility in Europe.
Yara expanded from mineral fertilizers into ammonias, nitrates and complex fertilizers, owning today roughly 20% of the international trade market. It has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway.


Yara’s vision is to be a global leader in the agricultural and industrial industries. It is dedicated to
• Improving agricultural yields and income for growers
• Protecting agricultural lands
• Maintaining high standards for environmental protection
• Utilizing the most current protocols for minimizing greenhouse gas emissions; and
• Increasing energy efficiency throughout its production and processing facilities.


Operational structure Industry

Yara has 24 production facilities, in 15 countries across the globe, 200 warehouses and terminals, sales offices in more than 50 countries, with active sales in excess of 150 countries around the world. It is divided into four basic operating segments: Upstream, Industrial, Supply & Trade and Downstream.

Upstream: large-scale nitrogen-based product production, feed phosphates and phosphoric acid.

Industrial: CO2, process chemicals, emissions abatement and waste water treatment.

Supply & Trade: Yara mining operations, and all activities related to distribution of product around the world, including: procurement, marketing, maintaining and maximizing supply chains, and overall strategic planning to improve global delivery and trade positioning.

Downstream: all efforts to improve fertilizer production, sales and marketing, and distribution of fertilizer products.


The primary business of Yara is production of nitrogen fertilizer. Yara offers a full-range of fertilizer products, single and composite/blended that work to repair or prevent deficiencies in soil conditions, thus improving agricultural production and increasing the availability of food around the world.
• Calcium ammonium nitrate
• Ammonium nitrate
• Urea and urea ammonium nitrate
• Ammonium sulfate

Yara also produces agricultural chemicals: nitrogen-based chemicals, utilized by a wide range of industries, such as electronics, concrete, rubber and latex.
• Ammonia
• Nitric acid
• Urea
• DipCal, a specialty nitrate
• Solar power molten salt, derived from a special blend of nitrates and utilized by solar thermal power plants
• Biogas
• Circuit board specialty cleaning products

Research and development

Yara’s research and development arm is a key component of the company’s overall strategic mission. R&D efforts are focused on developing cleaner technologies to mitigate air pollution, developing fertigation solutions to deal with problems of water scarcity, and improving the use and processing of phosphate to increase healthy crop yields.

Partnerships & joint ventures

Yara has successfully expanded its reach and market through a number of successful joint venture projects in many different regions of the world, including Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, Qatar in the Middle East, Australia, and North Africa.