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May 2, 2016
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July 13, 2015

Royal DSM (DSM)


Royal DSM is an international life and material sciences company, headquartered in Heerlen, Netherlands. With a core mission of building a sustainable world and improving the quality of life for residents across the globe, DSM is primarily focused on developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance performance across a wide range of product and industries, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food and dietary supplements, electronics, paints and coatings, automotive product, animal feed, alternative energy and bio-based materials.

DSM competes for market share with industry leaders Bayer AG, E.I. DuPont, and BASF SE.

Roughly 20,750 people are employed by DSM in 50 countries around the world, with the vast majority working in facilities outside of the Netherlands.


The history of Royal DSM (Nederlandse Staasmijnen) is reflected in its name—Dutch State Mines. DSM was founded in 1902 by the government for the purpose of mining coal. In a few short years, DSM began to diversify, beginning in 1919 with the opening of a coke plant and continuing through post 1945 with petrochemicals and bulk chemicals. In 1973 DSM closed its last coal mine, sealing its new mission as a chemical company. In 1989 DSM sold 70% of its stock on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, and completed privatization in 1996 with the remaining 30%.

Corporate Structure

DSM is involved in three industries: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Plastic Resins and Fiber Manufacturing, and Industrial Chemical Manufacturing. It operates in three business clusters: Materials, Nutrition and Innovation.
• Materials: DSM Dyneema; DSM Engineering Plastics and DSM Resins & Functional Materials
• Nutrition: DSM Food Specialties and DSM Nutritional Products
• Innovation: DSM Bio-based Products & Services, DSM Biomedical and DSM Advanced Services

DSM has formed several strategic partnerships, strengthening its standing in key markets, including Patheon, a partnership between DSM and JLL Partners, which is developing and marketing pharmaceutical products; DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals, a joint venture between DSM and Sinochem,

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which is developing and marketing pharmaceutical ingredients; and ChemicalInvest a partnership between DSM and CVC Capital Partners, producing and marketing acrylonitrile, caprolactam and composite resins.


DSM produces and markets a vast range of products and ingredients utilized by a global network of industries, including:
• Sweeteners and food enzymes that are utilized by the food and beverage industry;
• Pharmaceuticals that are used in the production of asthma, AIDS, and cardiovascular medications;
• Resins and Dyneema that are used in the production of engineering plastics, synthetic fibers, and coatings;
• Polymers that are used in the production of raw materials for synthetic fibers and plastics.

Corporate Responsibility

Staying true to its corporate mission of improving quality of life and building a sustainable world, DSM’s corporate responsibility initiatives are focused on environmental protection and economic prosperity. It is an active partner in the World Food Programme which is working to improve nutrition and access to food for millions of people around the world. The DSM Innovation Center strives to develop product that improves quality of life and protects consumers, while at the same time minimizing the environmental footprint of manufacturing facilities. It has invested considerable sums in bringing biofuels to market, such as plastics made from renewable oils, food ingredients that use natural enzymes and resins that utilize waterborne technologies.