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Reliance Industries, Limited


Reliance Industries is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a conglomerate of more than 12 businesses located throughout India. Reliance companies manufacture chemicals, petroleum products, plastics, polyester products and intermediates, and synthetic fabrics and textiles for the telecommunications, petrochemicals, natural resources, textiles and retail industries.


Reliance was founded in 1966 by Dhirubhai Ambani as a yarn business. With an eye toward the future and desire for rapid growth, Mr. Ambani set into a motion a series of expansion strategies designed to take his modest yarn company to a position of world leadership.

By 1991, Reliance had become one of the principal polyester manufacturers in the world. This was followed up in 2000 with the commission of one of the largest oil refineries, launching Reliance into global leadership as a producer of petrochemicals. Never standing still, Reliance turned its eyes toward the telecommunications industry, launching product development in 2002, adding to company revenue, as well as, to the communications capabilities of the Indian people.

Reliance was the first privately held Indian corporation to be listed on the Fortune Global 500 list where it appeared in 2004. It is the second largest company in India in terms of revenue and profitability, accounting for 14% of India’s total export market.

Corporate structure and products

Reliance is primarily segregated into five foci: gas and oil exploration, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, textiles and retail.

• Gas and oil exploration:
Reliance is involved in a number of significant partnerships and joint ventures with the world’s leading oil and gas companies, such as BP, Chevron and American shale oil developers. Through these collaborations, Reliance is engaged in exploration, extraction and refinement of petroleum products including: natural gas, hydrocarbons, and liquid shale.

• Petroleum refining:
The Reliance petroleum factory in Jamnagar, India produces liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene oil and gasoline. It is the largest refining facility in the world. Crude oil is refined into usable petroleum product and shipped throughout the world, including: gasoline, naptha, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene oil, propylene, high-speed diesel, aviation turbine fuel, Sulphur, and petroleum coke.

• Petrochemicals:
Reliance products have wide-spread applications for the healthcare, packaging, automotive, agriculture, and housing industries, among others. Their customer base spans the globe, providing cutting-edge petrochemical product including: polymers, aromatics, polyesters, elastomers and fiber intermediaries. Polymers are exported to more than 60 countries, serving the needs of the water and gas, transportation, agriculture, consumer durables, healthcare, housing and automotive industries.

• Textiles:
Naroda, Reliance’s signature plant, is manufacturing and marketing complex textile products such as synthetic and worsted yarns and high-quality fabrics suitable for use by the world-wide automotive, clothier and home textiles industries.

• Retail:
Reliance Retail launched in 2006 and is providing services and products to millions of farmers, consumers and vendors throughout the world. It is the largest retail outlet in India with more than 11 million square feet of retail space, offering everything from digital technologies, to apparel to furniture and fabrics.


Pushing the curve of leading-edge technology and product development has been one of the chief goals of Reliance from its inception to the present. Significant investment, both financial and intellectual, is a cornerstone of the company’s strategic plan. Its Reliance Technology Group sets the bar for innovative technology development across the spectrum of Reliance sectors, housing a state of the art R&D facility and pooling the intellectual resources of the brightest minds in the industry.

Corporate Responsibility

The Reliance Foundation funds a number of initiatives to strengthen vulnerable and socially demoted communities in India, beyond those where manufacturing facilities are located. The Foundation has constructed health centers, funded emergency clinics and ambulatory services and healthy living educational outreach on campuses and rural communities, as well as, empowerment programs for minority populations—youth, women, the physically challenged, and those with learning differences. It also provides financial aid for students pursuing degrees in medicine and engineering.