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OCI Company, Ltd. is one of the leading and alternative energy development companies in the world. Founded in 1959 under the name Oriental Chemical Industries, OCI is based in Seoul, Korea, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and 20 subsidiaries across the globe.
OCI Company has gone through a few names changes. In 2001, it changed its name from Oriental Chemical Industries to DC Chemical following a merger with Korea Steel Petrochemical. OCI was an early nickname, which it took as its official corporate name in 2009. More than 4,800 people work for OCI Company. It is engaged in the manufacture of a highly diversified portfolio of chemical and renewable energy products used by an international clientele of green energy, petrochemical and coal industries. Its customer base spans more than 80 countries around the globe providing OCI with in excess of 70% of total sales revenues from overseas markets. Its strength in the international community is rivaled only by three other giants in the industry: Samsung Group, LG Chem. Ltd and Hanwha Chemical Corporation.


OCI Company, Ltd. is the parent of many domestic and foreign subsidiaries. Domestic subsidiaries include:

1. OCI Materials Company, Ltd., which is involved primarily with the production of nitrogen trifluoride, silane and tungsten hexafluoride.
2. OCI Specialty Company, Ltd., producing silicon filament, monocrystalline wafers and ingots.
3. Ordeg Company, Ltd., which is focused on environmental and industrial catalysts and automobile emission control catalysts.
4. OCI-Ferro Corporation, is a joint project with US based Ferro Corporation, with a primary focus on producing ceramic color and ceramic frit.
5. OCI Information & Communication Company, providing a host of services for the information technology industry, including consulting, developing, managing and operating information systems.


OCI’s major foreign subsidiaries are: Industry

1. OCI Chemical Corporation, based in United States is the 5th largest producer of soda ash in the world. OCI Chemical operates plants in Wyoming, Alabama and Mississippi. ORE Wyoming LLC, which has been in operation for more than 50 years, is one of the largest and most cost-efficient natural soda ash producers in the world.
2. Shandong, OCI Company Ltd., located in China is engaged in producing naphthalene, pitch, and carbon black oil for international export.
3. OCI Vietnam Company, Ltd., which is a leading player in the agricultural industry, produces herbicides, insecticides, surfactants and fungicides.
4. OCI China Company, Ltd., is a holding company and supervisor for OCI operations and investments in the region, engaged in positioning OCI to maintain a competitive edge in regional and global markets.
5. OCI Japan Company, Ltd. is focused on procurement and marketing of raw materials to the Japanese marketplace with the goal of increasing the Japanese consumer base.


OCI’s production line falls into three segments:

• Basic chemicals: hydrogen peroxide, polysilicon, silicon sand and soda ash used primarily in semiconductor and solar energy industries
• Chemical compounds: tar pitches utilized in aluminum electrolytes, benzenes utilized in styrene monomers, carbon blacks which is used for rubber, tires, tubes and toluenediisocyante products used in making shoes, furniture and automobiles.
• Reagent segments: analytic reagents

Corporate social responsibility

OCI Company has, for decades, followed a strategic plan for corporate stewardship, on both an executive level as well as individual. It is actively involved in a number of funded initiatives and employee volunteer efforts designed to lift up communities and leave behind a structure of sustainability.