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DuPont, otherwise known as E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, is a US chemicals company. It was founded over 212 years ago (1802) by Eleuthere Irenee du Pont as a gunpowder mill. Today it ranks in the top 5 global chemical companies in terms of market capitalization, and in the top 10 in terms of revenue. The 19th CEO of DuPont is Ellen Kullman, and the company’s headquarters is located in Wilmington, Delaware on the US East Coast. DuPont reported revenues of $35 billion (2012) and operating income of $4.2 billion (2011). The company’s total equity is listed at $8.6 billion (2011). DuPont currently employs in excess of 70,000 people.


As one of the leading chemical companies in the US, DuPont has been instrumental in developing multiple products. These include polymers such as Lycra, Tyvek, Sorona, M5 fiber, Nomex, Kevlar, nylon, Vespel, neoprene and Telfon. DuPont has also developed chlorofluorocarbons for the refrigeration industry, with a strong focus on green refrigerants of late. The company’s major breakthroughs came in the 1920s and1930s with a strong focus on materials science. The company hired Wallace Carothers, who later invented a synthetic rubber known as neoprene. Other chemicals, compounds and solutions that DuPont manufactures include: additives, cleaners, removers and disinfectants, lubricants, monomers, sulphuric acid offerings, aerosols, fluorinated chemicals, methylamines, and refrigerants.

Environment & Awards


Several years ago, DuPont was ranked as the #1 leader for cutting carbon gas emissions by BusinessWeek magazine and the Climate Group. The company successfully reduced its greenhouse emissions by 65% from 1990 levels, while simultaneously producing 30% more product and using 7% less energy. DuPont has developed a ‘Clear into the Future’ initiative for the development and maintenance of the Delaware Estuary. The company also holds the honor of 4 awards from the National Medal of Technology for several man-made polymers including: Teflon, neoprene rubber, the phase-out of chlorofluorocarbons, the development of sulfonylurea herbicides, and the invention of Kevlar.


DuPont has a solid record in terms of safety in its production and manufacturing processes. The company pays particular attention to collaboration with academia, industrial manufacturers, and governments. DuPont also places great emphasis on the improvement of workplace safety and staff culture, with teams of safety consultants working to minimize risks and develop employee skills and performance. In terms of personal protection, DuPont has developed chemical protective clothing for employees. These safety measures are geared towards all forms of work-related activities, such as the application of insulation, asbestos abatement, handling chemicals and so on. The chemical protective clothing has been engineered from Tychem and Tyvek to reduce work exposure to harmful chemicals. Innovative new solutions like SafeSPEC 2.0 allows safety managers to make sound decisions for choosing safety clothing based on the nature of the work being undertaken.