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AkzoNobel is an international chemical company with a strong global presence. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and it sports operations in 80+ countries around the world. It is also a major international employer with over 50,000 people working for the company. AkzoNobel is focused on the production of a wide range of innovative products including its signature brands – Sikkens, Dulux, Eka, and International. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability and it has adopted state-of-the-art technology to meet the exigencies of a dynamic global marketplace.

Governance Structure

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ton Buchner, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, is charged with setting policy, strategic objectives and the allocation of resources. All finances are managed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Maëlys Castella. The Board of Management is required to report back to a Supervisory Board, which is separate and independent from the company.

AkzoNobel headquarters in Amsterdam

AkzoNobel headquarters in Amsterdam

Product Range & Innovations

AkzoNobel is regarded as an international leader of performance coatings and decorative paints. The company is also a major producer of specialty chemical products. Among the many household products created by AkzoNobel are the following: Butanox, Chartek, Chemcraft, Coral, Devoe Coatings, Dissolvine, Dulux, Eka, Elotex, Expancel, Ferrazone, Flexa, Hammerite, ICLA, Interlux, International, Interpon, Jozo Salt, Kromasil, Lesonal, Marshall, Resicoat, Sadolin, Sikkens, Sikkens Car Refinishes, Tintas Coral, Trimetal, Wanda and Zweihorn. AkzoNobel also lays claim to multiple innovative technologies including: Ecosure, Electrodialysis, Interchar 1120, KeepCool Technology, Compozil, Rediset, Intersleek, Interplate Zero and Intergard.

Owing to its many innovations, AkzoNobel won the 2013 Innovation Excellence Award. Concerns about a key ingredient in its coating products – bis-phenol (BPA) – resulted in AkzoNobel seeking safer alternatives for its coatings. Experts for a Process Technology Expert Capability Group in Deventer (Netherlands) along with US researchers in Packaging Coatings developed a breakthrough product in 2013. The company created low-cost monomers using alternative latex-based ingredients.

Sustainability & Performance

AkzoNobel’s Executive Committee is tasked with the sustainability initiatives of the company. As such, the performance of every business area is scrutinized to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. All performance criteria are strictly monitored against the pre-set objectives. These set targets include water usage, raw material extraction, carbon management and renewable energy. The Sustainability Council routinely advises the Executive Committee on its objectives and performance. The company evaluates its performance in 4 key areas including: environmental objectives, employee performance management, the value chain, and product safety.