Construction Schedule for Togliattiazot Transshipment Complex
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Construction Schedule for Togliattiazot Transshipment Complex – Approved

transshipment of ammonia

Togliattiazot Receives Green Light for Transshipment Complex in Taman Seaport

The Federal Agency for Marine & River Transport has given the go-ahead to OJSC Togliattiazot to begin construction on a transshipment complex in Taman Seaport, and to initiate the launch of the ammonia and urea complex. Togliattiazot is a top producer of ammonia, and for the industry giant this approval marks an important step towards the development, production and completion of this massive project.

The project requires a 2-phase operation: one is for the transshipment of ammonia, and the second is for the transshipment of urea. T togliattiazot industry he yearly turnover of cargo for each of these phases of the operation is 2,000,000 tonnes of ammonia and 3,000,000 tonnes of urea. Phase 1 is slated for launch by 2017, and phase 2 is going to launch in 2020. Additionally, there will be 3 blocks to the transshipment complex:

• A hydrotechnic complex which can admit 50,000 tonnes of deadweight vessels
• Multiple auxiliary structures
• A coastal terminal which facilitates loose cargo and ammonia shipments

Approval and Certification

FSUE Rosmorport approved the schedule, and it was certified by the Russian transport ministry. Togliattiazot has financed the complex, and is slated to be included in the Russian federal program for the national transportation system through to 2020. All necessary legal documentation, state auditing and incorporation issues will be completed prior to February 2017. The total investment volume is likely to exceed $300 million, and no budget funding will be involved in this investment project.

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