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June 20, 2018
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October 2, 2018

British Royal Warrant Holder goes Glyphosate-free with Weedingtech

Foamstream Herbicide free weed control

Weedingtech, the world leader in herbicide-free technology for controlling unwanted vegetation, has announced a partnership with Royal Warrant holder in Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping, G Burley & Sons which is part of the TCL group – managing a broad range of estates all over the UK for more than 65 years, including Lewes Priory, Windsor Castle, and various nature reserves and other important sites.

Royal Warrants of Appointment are a mark of recognition to those who supply goods or services to the Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales. The adoption of glyphosate-free technology by a tradesman of this echelon is striking.

Burley & Sons’ switch to herbicide-free Weedingtech technology is, moreover, an important step in the UK’s gradual move towards alternative herbicide-free, safe weed-maintenance and street-sanitisation.

The move comes as local authority clients demand alternatives to herbicides containing the controversial chemical glyphosate. Weedingtech’s alternative ‘Foamstream’ technology uses nothing but hot water and a biodegradable foam, made from natural plant oils and sugars, to kill unwanted vegetation and clear streets from general dirt and grime, chewing gum and graffiti.

The use of the chemical glyphosate has long been challenged, with widespread international concerns about its impact on the environment and health.

The United Nations’ International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified it as “probably carcinogenic,” and a landmark lawsuit is currently underway in the US against Monsanto and its glyphosate-based weed killing product ‘Round Up’.

As public distrust of crop chemicals grows, more consumer firms are pushing for sustainably sourced ingredients: Unilever’s Ben & Jerry’s has pledged to make its ice cream glyphosate-free and even France reconfirmed its glyphosate ban by 2021, despite French MPs overwhelmingly rejecting the proposals in a recent vote last month.

Leo de Montaignac, Weedingtech’s CEO, commented on the partnership saying he is “thrilled that a company as prestigious as G Burley understands the value that Foamstream offers their customers and their business”.  De Montaignac is optimistic that Foamstream will help councils across the country provide a safer, greener and cleaner environment for their residents.

Herbiside free weed control

Foamstream uses thermal technology to kill unwanted vegetation – using hot water, insulated by a biodegradable foam. This mixture remarkably creates a thermal blanket over the unwanted vegetation, maintaining the necessary 57°C-and-above temperature for longer, which is needed to kill or sufficiently damage the weeds and their roots. This technology requires only 2 to 3 administrations per year, compared with 6 to 14 with alternative methods.

Mark Tavener, Contract Manager at G Burley described how their client, Lewes District Council, approached them to look at an alternative to glyphosate to treat weeds and other vegetation since the Council was cutting down its usage with the aim of being a pesticide free council. According to Tavener, the public vote in favour of eliminating pesticides/herbicides was “overwhelming” and, with this in mind, he set about finding a credible alternative.

He needed to find a technology which was safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and which could be used safely around humans and animals, delicate eco-systems and waterways, and in any weather. The solution:  Weedingtech.

“Over a period of six months we looked at and trialled Foamstream, hot water technology, electricity and thermal heat by means of flame”, Tavener said. “Having tested each one to its entirety the overall winner was the Foamstream technology. As it is totally harmless, it is safe for use around people, pets and wildlife and can be used effectively in inclement weather and is superb for Graffiti removal. As a business it has been extremely well received and has enforced our ‘green credentials ‘leading to numerous enquiries from other local authorities, schools and universities.”

Over and above controlling unwanted vegetation, Weedingtech machinery is also used around the world for sanitisation tasks too, including street cleaning, power washing and gum-removal. The Foamstream process is delivered through Weedingtech machinery – the Foamstream M600 and Foamstream M1200.

Burleys provides specialist horticultural maintenance, landscaping and green services throughout England. Founded in 1951, the company has more than 65 years’ experience of delivering quality gardening, landscaping and arboriculture services to a wide range of high-profile clients, including The Crown.

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