2015 ICIS Innovation Award Prize Goes to AkzoNobel
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AkzoNobel Lands Big Wins at 2015 ICIS Awards Ceremony

Ship operators will now be able to save millions of dollars annually by utilizing an innovative new product created by chemical industry giant AkzoNobel. The marine coatings business of AkzoNobel created a revolutionary new product known as Intersleek 1100SR. This acts as an anti-slime, non-biocidal coating for a ship’s hull.

By applying this chemical mix to all ocean faring vessels, environmental emissions can be greatly reduced and fuel utilization can be cut. Overall, this can save shipping operators tens of millions of dollars annually. The 7-member panel of judges overwhelmingly voted in favor of AkzoNobel’s Intersleek 1100SR.

Areas that AkzoNobel Scored Points

The 7-member panel of judges decided that AkzoNobel had displayed innovation in these 3 key areas:

• Ensuring that ship operators will qualify for carbon credits as a result of Intersleek 1100SR
• Developing a unique screening process that allows for rapid throughput
• Chemical industry innovation in the form of a fluoro-polymer base coat

The 2015 ICIS Awards Ceremony was sponsored by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, in conjunction with ExxonMobil Chemical and US Chemicals LLC. These awards are geared towards identifying business innovation and technological excellence in the worldwide chemical industry.
AkzoNobel received the prestigious ICIS award for Best Product Innovation in addition to the 2015 ICIS Innovation Awards. Intersleek 1100SR is a breakthrough product that combats the problem of marine slime buildup. By reducing the drag effect, shipping companies can save on fuel costs and increase their bottom line. It also assists in better efficiency, lower carbon emissions and enhanced time management.

Several other winners were also announced including the following: Global Green Products won the award for Best Benefit to Environment/Sustainability, and Cella Energy for Best Innovation by a Small Medium Enterprise.

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