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Egypt Plans Massive Chemical and Fertilizer Sales to African Nations

Chemical and Fertilizers Export Council Seeks Trade Deals

A major chemical industry meeting will be taking place in Egypt from the 14-17 January, 2016. 5 countries will be in attendance, including Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi, and they will be represented by 15 sales and marketing companies. The chairman of the CEC, Khaled Abu El Makarem is confident that Egyptian exports of chemical industry products to other African countries will be boosted by as much as 60% over the following 3 years. According to the UDA (the Kenyan United business Association, a full listing of 30 high-profile marketing companies from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi will be forwarded to the CEC for consideration. The ranking 15 companies will be invited to Egypt for the purposes of export shipments.

Egypt Looks to 5 African Countries to Power the Way

For the moment, the cooperation between Egypt and the 5 African countries will be limited to chemical industry products. As time progresses, the export sectors will include textiles, building materials, engineering companies and furniture. The Kenyan market is particularly enticing since Egypt is looking to shift its allegiances from Turkey back to Africa. The quality of Turkish products is markedly less than that of Egyptian products.

The Egyptians are eager to tap into the rich potential of African countries like Kenya which have tremendous clout. Kenya features prominently on the African continent, and Egyptian chemical companies are eager to establish logistical storage facilities in Kenya to cover their costs of operations. Kenya is responsible for the bulk of imports moving through the Central and Eastern African region, with as much as 80% of volume moving through the main port at Mombasa.


High Value Chemical Industry Exports to Kenya

The value of Egyptian exports of chemical products to Kenya is in the region of $127 million, with the total value of exports coming in at $350 million. The bilateral arrangement with Kenya also sees a total of $150 million worth of imports from Kenya according to figures released by the Chemical and Fertilizers Export Council (CEC). However, the co-op protocol inked by El-Nasr vis-à-vis imports/exports remains in its infancy stages and has not yet been activated. El-Nasr is in the midst of constructing a logistical facility in Kenya for the purposes of direct sales operations.

The Kenyans and the Egyptians will be cooperating in the areas of plastics and paints. To facilitate the upcoming agreements and chemical product sales, El-Nasr will be constructing Egypt’s first major logistical storage facility in Kenya for the purposes of facilitating sales between other African states and Kenya. After the recently held exhibition, the Egyptians left samples behind for the Kenyan branch in Nairobi to market.

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