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January 14, 2015
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BASF Creates Innovative Chemical Solutions for Personal Care Industry

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BASF is a chemical company that specializes in plastics, chemicals, crop protection and performance products, as well as being a supplier of cosmetics ingredients. It has development and production facilities all over the world and is considered an industry leader, which is now expanding into emerging markets. Recently, the company promoted a new range of home care products with an emphasis on safety.

BASF’s Care Chemical division creates ingredients for personal care, hygiene, home care, institutional and industrial cleaning, and focuses on developing sustainable and innovative solutions, and supplies emulsifiers, surfactants, emollients, polymers, cosmetic active ingredients, UV filers, chelating agents and pigments. The division also develops super-absorbent polymers that can be used for a wide range of hygiene and cosmetic applications.

New Laundry Detergent Formulas

One of the latest innovations in home care is the Sokalan® HP 20 polymer, which is used in liquid laundry detergents. This polymer, even at lower temperatures, can disperse soil from clothing while preventing graying. This means that clothes will be clean and energy consumption can be reduced. In addition to its effectiveness, customers are now starting to prefer detergents in clear bottles with creamy textures and bright colors. BASF has created special Rhevois® rheology modifiers as well as Cibfast® and Tinogard® stabilizers to sustain the color and consistency of detergents.

Innovative Beauty Products

BASF has produced extensive studies geared towards understanding its consumer market. Based on its research, the company has formulated new hair conditioners and anti-aging face care products, including some that incorporate emulsion products with SWOP™ technology – to change the product texture. With this technology, the emulsions begin as oil in water but become water in oil during the application: they absorb quickly into the skin, and users can potentially experience the benefits from both types of emulsions in one product. Another BASF product which the industry has considered innovative is Cetiol Ultimate, which enables properties such as quick application and absorption and enhances the stability of shade color – making it particularly suitable for formulations in color cosmetics.

Background of BASF

BASF has been in business for more than 150 years and has special expertise in creating a variety of chemical products that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. In 2013, BASF had approximately €74 billion in sales and employed approaximately 112,000 employees across its departments and business units. Company shares are traded on several stock exchanges including Zurich (AN), London (BFA) and Frankfurt (BAS).

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  1. Boat Cat says:

    Conditioners and facial products? Sounds like a great company to me! 🙂 Awesome that they put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that the products are safe. Definitely important for products that you are going to put in your hair or on your face.